Company Registration (USA)


Limited Liability Company (LLC) are registered in USA to work online either you sell services like freelancing, or sell goods no matter on 3rd Party Marketplaces like Amazon, e-bay or Shopify.

Best States

Choosing right state is fundamental as this could become turning point of your business in future. Each of the states have their own Tax Policy, Income Tax Threshold & Percentages, Individual Tax, Annual Renewal Fee and much more. So choosing right state has its importance as well

Office-X Recommends

Nowadays people are in rush and following as told by e-commerce gurus. However Office-X without any hesitation and clear with vision suggest to go with Florida state for LLC registration. As Florida LLCs are exempted from income tax or individual tax, also it’s pocket friendly too. Whether you go for Wholesale or Dropshipping Model, Florida will be the best option

Requirements for LLC Registration


Scanned Passport or NIC is only required for Name, DOB, and residency verification. Copy is only required for Bank Accounts Verification. Must be scanned as shown in sample

Applicant Address

We are required applicants e-mail, Residency Address and Phone Number. These are basic requirements